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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Monster's Demeanor!


Presenting a lovely yet naughty monsters : Monster's Demeanor! *tadaa* 


Monsters 101

1)  Griefy
A cry baby with a soft heart. He is a good listener and would gladly to lend you a shoulder to cry on.  

2) Scaredy
A wimpy and easily shocked stricken monster. However, he loves to read mystery novels and imagining himself as the a hero with a beautiful heroin, naughty huh?!    


3) Grumpy
A moody monster with a hobby of gardening, his favorite flower is rose. He is very protective and would do anything for a friend.


4) Thinky
A wise monster and a diplomatic leader. He has a spectacular laboratory for him to do his top secret experiment on creating potions (which always goes wrong, though). 


5) Puzzy
Though that it is a dim-witted monster, it's adorable. He has an appetite with no limit, he would bite and chew almost anything and everything. So, beware of your hands kids!    


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