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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Grumpy : Bad day at the office

Hmm..can you just imagine a very bad day, most bad day of all at your office.

"the air conditioner just broke : hot & sweaty,
the coffee maker went crazy : thick, lumpy coffee,
you open the window just to get fresh air, and 'woosshh' come in a heavy wind and blow away your paper,
pulp! the coffee spill all over it..
then later your office mate telling yah, your boss asking for your work - the one that just ruin..
ohh bother..! "

oh well!
glad that ain't you..ahaks..

Still, even though Grumpy having a ruff time does't mean that you should have one too,
this Grumpy is adoptable yah know..
So come & grab it fast..!

Code : Executive Grumpy
Size : 28cm (W) x 43cm (L)
Price : RM39 (exclude postage fee)
Material : Felt & Flannel
Status : Available 

Thank you for stopping by.

Lovely Plush Garden <3

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